My name is Craig and I am a self-confessed insurance nerd.

Chances are, if you are checking out this website, you are trying to navigate your way through the complex world of personal insurance (Life, TPD, Trauma & Income Protection).

I have built this site to bring together articles, guides and other useful information to help make your experience with insurance different to thinking of it as a "necessary evil".

I'm here to simplify the world of insurance for you. To get started, why not give my free insurance calculator a crack. This takes 5 mins to complete and will give you an idea of the insurance you need.

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How do I work?

Whilst I believe your needs are unique, there are a set of principles that I follow to make the intangible nature of insurance more realistic.

My proven system is designed to guide and educate you so you can be confident you understand the decision you make and give you the peace of mind you need so you can get on with your life.

Check out this video which outlines the DFND Method that I use when I am working with you.

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