Insurance reviews might rank up there for you along with the likes of heading to a dentist for a checkup! In this video, I document a typical review meeting and how important I believe these to be in your insurance journey.


I find that many of you believe that catching up with me each year is about spending more on your premiums or making drastic changes. This common misconception changes the way these are framed from being a positive experience to a negative one.

In most instances, as highlighted in this example, there were some housekeeping things that I took care of (change of insurance company ownership) however the bulk of the time was spent gaining a better understanding of you to see how the insurances you have currently fit in with your overall position.

What Does a Typical Review Meeting Look Like?

I have a set agenda for each review meeting:

  1. Summary of current cover levels
  2. What do the next 12 months look like
  3. Items to discuss
  4. Follow up items

In addition to this, I always ask if there are any other items you wish to add before we get started. Most times, the discussion points develop naturally as we work through the above agenda.

Having this framework is important as it provides a structure as well as the flexibility to expand where needed.

How Do These Meetings Usually Run?

As I mention in this video, typically in an hour meeting we spend 45 mins talking about anything but the insurances themselves. This is the most important time as I believe by listening to you and overlaying this with what I know about the insurance landscape, undoubtedly, there will be something of relevance.

Instead of bringing all the updates to you, this conversation allows me to better understand you, the situation you are in before tailoring the message providing meaningful updates and value.

Questions For You

  • When was the last time you reviewed the purpose of your insurances?
  • Do you see the money you are spending on premiums as a cost or an investment?
  • How different would it be if you had someone on your side guiding you along your insurance journey?
  • What are you missing out on by not taking the time to do this each year?


In this meeting, the outcomes were to hold everything as is for the time being.

My relationships with the insurance companies allowed me to negotiate a month free premiums for this client (approx $200) + we were able to reconfirm the decisions made when starting these policies and how they continue to meet your needs.

Let me know in the comments below your feedback on review meetings and how important they are for you in your insurance journey.

Remember, the idea of insurance is to have the minimum levels of cover at all times.

PS - this is Ace's first appearance on these videos, he may have just stolen the show

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